How it started

Not long ago I was having lunch with a friend and the conversation drifted to technology, specifically how to do certain things at home. Over the years I've become "That friend" that everyone has, the one who likes to connect everything and use technology to do cool stuff without breaking the bank. ​ 

After we discussed some of the new things out there he said "You know, you should really figure out a way to let a lot of people know this kind of stuff. Everyone wants to do it and most of us have no clue how." ​ And as the next round of drinks came this blog was born. ​ 

I try to review things I think people will be interested in and find helpful No vendor pays me for it, and so far none have donated their products for review. (VENDOR NOTE: I'm happy to review any product you wish to supply, contact me for details.) 

Full disclosure, some ideas for posts are provided by friends and family, I just get to write the copy. 

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