Monday 30 January 2017

Resolving Problems With Canadian Wireless Carriers

Cellphones have become such a part of our daily lives I actually don’t know anyone over the age of 15 who doesn’t have one. They provide us so many benefits you’d be hard pressed to say why you shouldn’t have one.

Unfortunately I also don’t know many people who haven’t had a problem with their wireless carrier at least once.

Most people go through the same steps: call the carrier, sit on hold for far too long, speak with a customer service rep to try and get things resolved. 

If we get an unsatisfactory answer we probably change carriers at the next opportunity, hoping the new provider will treat us better.

Some complain to the CRTC, but it turns out this agency doesn’t get involved in disputes unless they involve accessibility issues.

There is another option, and most Canadians are unaware of it. You can (and should) involve the Commissioner for Complaints for TelecommunicationsServices (CTSC). It's an independent consumer body that will help you reach a resolution.

Before engaging CCTS you must try and resolve things with your carrier, however if that doesn’t work take a look at for their guide on making a complaint.

The interesting aspect of registering complaints is it is free for you, however the provider pays for the process.

CCTS can help resolve issues with:
  • Contract dispute
  • Billing discrepancy
  • Credit management
  • Unauthorized transfer of service
Hopefully you don't find yourself in dispute with your wireless carrier, but if you do it's nice to know there is an independent body you can escalate issues to.

Happy surfing!

-The Home Geek

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