Wednesday 27 July 2016

Geo-unblocker Lifetime Subscription - 2 Days Left!

If you've been following The Home Geek for a while now you know I am a fan of geo-unblocking services and wrote about two of them a little while ago. Right now our readers have a fantastic opportunity.

For the next two days you can take advantage of an incredible deal facilitated by Boy Genius Report, which lets you buy a lifetime subscription to Getflix for $39USD. You won't find this offer on the Getflix website, you must use the link above to access the deal. Getflix normally charges $33.18 per year, or $56.88 for two years.

They say lifetime but when I looked at the license it's good for 30 years. $1.30/yr is still an incredible deal when most services are between $40-$50/yr. I'll worry about what to do next in 2046 when the license expires.

Geo-blocking is what providers like Netflix and Amazon put in place to prevent people from watching content outside of the physical region it has been licensed for. The most common scenario is someone in Canada wanting to watch Netflix content only available in the USA. (Or vice-versa).

Streaming providers don't want to geo-block content, in fact it goes against their best interests, however the content creators/providers demand licensing per-region to try and maximize their profit and have pressured the streaming providers to enforce the region restrictions.

There are a lot of unlocating services out there, and in the past I have reviewed two of them. I've moved away from Unblock-US due to a lack of support for my Amazon FireTV boxes, my preferred devices for watching streaming content.

Initially I was a fan of Unlocator, however this service has been suffering issues lately and doesn't seem able to keep up. For the last few days I've been unable to watch Netflix even when I selected their "Disable/Bypass" feature. 

After some back and forth with Unlocator's tech support, they did the digital equivalent of shrugging their shoulders and walking away. 

Sorry guys, that doesn't cut it in today's market.

Getflix offers a 14-day free trial if you want to take it for a virtual spin, however the lifetime subscription deal lapses in 2 days, so I encourage you to try it and buy before the deal runs out if you like it.

Happy surfing!

-The Home Geek

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