Monday 11 July 2016

Get Paid For Using Your Smartphone

We all love our smartphones, they help us stay connected to work, family & friends, our homes, and a bunch of other things. One of the things that makes smartphones so great are the apps.

Many apps are free, but you "pay" for them by surrendering information in exchange, be it location, browsing habits, etc. You often have no say in how this information is collected and used if you want the free app, which can make some people very uncomfortable.

A way to avoid that is to purchase "for pay" apps, but as the name implies you have to part with some of your hard earned money to buy them.

What if there was something you could do to get paid apps without having to actually pay?

Well if you use an Android phone there is. Using Google Opinion Rewards you get credit in the Google Play store for filling out very short surveys on your phone.

I've been using the app for about a week now and have found the surveys can be as long as 8 multi-choice questions or as short as a single multi-choice question.

So how have I done after a week? Well I'm up to $4.21 in Google Play credits. In exchange I've probably spent a total of 3 minutes completing the surveys.

I should note the credits aren't just for apps, you can use them to buy anything in the Google Play store; games, music, books, etc.

Typically I find it takes under a minute to do a survey and I seem to get one a day. It's an easy and productive way to kill the time waiting to get your coffee order or in many other scenarios while I'm waiting for something to happen.

Wouldn't it be great to get paid for once instead of just paying for apps or music? Using this method you could quickly get a copy of the Nine email client by 9folders for free.

Seems like a good way to kill the time waiting for your morning Starbuck's to be handed over.

Happy surfing!

-The Home Geek

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