Friday 29 July 2016

Text from your computer

Texting is a huge part of everyday communication, but having a lengthy exchange with someone via text from your smartphone can be a little frustrating, especially dealing with autocorrect.

A good deal of the time I'm at my laptop, which would be really convenient to read and respond from. To that end I replaced my stock texting app with Mightytext.

Mightytext is an app that syncs incoming and outgoing texts between your android phone and your computer. With this handy little app you can read incoming texts on your computer screen, and reply to them using your keyboard without taking your phone out of your pocket. Overall it's a much more pleasant experience.

Text conversation history is saved in the Mightytext and displayed in a web browser. Individual chats appear on pop-up screens, alerting you to new messages. (Handy if your phone is on silent.)

In addition, Mightytext will alert you to notifications for Snapchat, Instagram, What'sApp and a few other apps. Photos and videos sync effortlessly, so you can easily view them on a larger screen.

You will receive on-screen notifications of incoming phone calls, battery alerts, and you can share photos or videos from your computer or tablet with ease.

Mightytext offers "power view" which lets you carry on several text conversations simultaneously.

The free version has a limit of sending 250 text per month. The pro version has no limits, lets you schedule texts, send texts to up to 25 people at a time, restore messages to your phone from computer/tablet, and many other features, most of which I struggle to see the value in.

If your texting habits are such that sending 250/month is sufficient I'd suggest Mightytext, the free version of the app is easy to use and has a clean interface. It's most appealing aspect is it just works.

If you're over the 250/month limit you may want to stick with your stock texting app, or flip back to it once you've sent your 250th text until the following month. Of course you could always just get the pro version if you live by text alone.

Happy surfing!

-The Home Geek

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