Friday 12 August 2016

$8.99 Windows 10 Note Taking App For Free

For the next 9 days you can get a copy of Nebo from Myscript for free on your Windows 10 device.

Regularly $8.99, Nebo is made for use with touch screen devices, and will let you hand-write, draw, and edit notes digitally. To quote Nebo's description:

"Structure your notes using titles, paragraphs, and bullet lists. Add interactive diagrams, editable equations, freeform sketches, and annotate pictures. Finally convert your captured ink to digital typeset document on demand. Nebo documents can be viewed on any device using practically any Internet browser and opened directly in your email client or Microsoft Word."

You can get your copy of Nebo from the Microsoft Store by clicking here.

All the reviews I could find on Nebo are overwhelmingly positive, however I did note they were all created within the last few days.

That said, why not give it a try while you can get it for free. I certainly wouldn't pay $8.99 for it when I could use OneNote for very similar functionality, but it's always good to have an alternative when it doesn't cost anything.

Screenshots below.

Happy Surfing!

-The Home Geek.

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