Thursday 25 August 2016

Windows Shortcuts

If you're using Windows there are a few handy keyboard shortcuts which might make life a little easier.  Some shortcuts are a combination of pressing the Windows logo key (We will just refer to it as Windows) and other key(s).

In no particular order, here are a few you might enjoy:

1) Lock Your Computer - press the Windows logo + L. Your computer will instantly lock, requiring your password (or fingerprint) to unlock it.

2) Delete  Permanently - After selecting a file (or files), hold down "Shift" + "Delete". This will bypass the recycle bin, permanently deleting the files. Use with caution.

3)  Create New Folders - In Windows Explorer press Shift + CTRL + N. A new folder will pop up, asking to be named.

4) Minimize Everything - Sometimes called the "Boss" shortcut, pressing the Windows + M will minimize everything on your desktop. Some people do this when their boss is lurking nearby and they don't want what is on their screen to be accidentally seen.

5) Move To Left Or Right Screen - Windows + Shift + Left or Right Arrow This shortcut assumes you are using two monitors and want to move an open window from the left monitor to the right monitor, or vice-versa.

6) Scroll Through Open Apps - Windows + T will scroll through your open apps, if you prefer this to using the mouse.

7) Zoom In/Out - Press Windows + to zoom in on your screen. Pressing Windows - will zoom out.

8) Open Task Manager - CTRL+SHIFT+ESC will open the task manager.

9) Copy - CTRL+C will copy a selected file, or highlighted text.

10) Paste - CTRL+V will paste a copy of a file text chosen using CTRL+C

Do you have some keyboard shortcuts you find helpful? Post them in the comments section so others can benefit from your experience.

Happy surfing!

-The Home Geek

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