Tuesday 2 August 2016

Where You Buy Your Cables Can Cost You

Sometimes it pays to shop around. When you are dealing with computer cables and peripherals this is always true.

Last week I was reorganizing my office, and I wanted to move the router to a more central location to to give the house better WiFi coverage. To do this I needed a couple of 25-foot network cables.

Best Buy had cables that would do the job, but wanted $35 per cable, which I knew was outrageously expensive.

So I looked on Amazon. Similar cables (same length and quality) were there for $7.99 each, and that included shipping.

Just by doing a quick comparison I saved $54.02 and the hassle of driving to my local Best Buy.

I decided to see if the price disparity existed on other cables, such as HDMI cables for my TV. Sure enough there were less expensive options on Amazon, although to be fair the difference wasn't as pronounced as it was with the network cables.

I know Best Buy has a price match guarantee, but since I didn't need them immediately I decided to save myself the time and trouble of driving to Best Buy and explaining why they needed to charge me 20% of their original price.

Don't get me wrong, I like Best Buy for a lot of things, but a retailer isn't always going to be offering the best deal, and in some cases they won't even be close.

The next time you need network cables shop around online, it can make a big difference.

Happy surfing!

- The Home Geek

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